Manufacturers have long known the value of a brand and Kubota is making its presence felt on the popular game, Farming Simulator 22.

In addition to pedal tractors and toddler-sized overalls in the colours of dad’s favourite tractor, companies are also keen to keen to get their name in front of younger farmers online.

Computer gaming as marketing tool

Kubota is not widely known for pursuing this line of marketing but it is moving in fast with the announcement that it has teamed up with Giants Software to create a collection of tractors, loaders and RTV models for the virtual world.

These virtual machines will be available for use on the popular Farming Simulator 22 computer game from the end of this month.

Kubota M7 computer gaming
The latest M7 series tractors are included in the pack

With the Kubota add-on pack, gamers can experience real-life replicas of many of the company’s tractors and machines.

These include the US-only M8 tractor series, along with the more familiar M7, M6 and M5 models, in addition to skid steer loaders and tracked loaders.

Compacts included on Farming Simulator

It is not just the mainline field tractors that are featured either, the Kubota pack contains an LA 2255 tractor-loader, and several RTV models, all of which are found on farms in everyday situations.

Many of the smaller Kubota tractors are to be found in estate management and landscaping roles as well as farming, but whether they come with turf or agricultural tyres for extra realism, is unknown at present.

Computing farming simulator
UTV’s are not neglected, a passenger may be carried when multi gaming

For multi-player farming, gamers can include passengers alongside the RTV operator, and fans of the brand can also equip their characters with Kubota-branded clothing from the virtual wardrobe.

Farming Simulator gives players a complete online farming experience, and the development of the Kubota pack, which is due to be released on June 28, extends its appeal across PC, Mac, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Xbox X/S series and Stadium platform.