Kildare Chilling lamb line closes temporarily due to Covid-19 cases – sources

AgriLand understands that the lamb processing line at the Kildare Chilling plant has been suspended “for a period of time” due to a number of Covid-19 cases.

Sources have indicated that “upwards of 50%” of the staff on the lamb line have been infected with Covid-19. This figure, or the number of cases, has not been confirmed by the processor.

Kildare Chilling – which processes beef and lamb – has issued a short statement on the matter, saying that “full contact tracing” has been undertaken for the affected staff members.

While the company did not provide the exact number of cases confirmed, it did note that the affected staff members are self-isolating.

Further testing of staff members is being undertaken at the plant, in line with staff recommendations, the company said.

Kildare Chilling Company is working closely with the HSE [Health Service Executive]  following confirmation of a number of Covid-19 cases. Full contact tracing has been undertaken, affected staff are isolating and further testing is being undertaken in line with HSE recommendations.

According to sources, this testing has been extended to the staff on the beef processing line.

7 cases diagnosed at Carroll’s Cuisine

Separately, it was confirmed today, Tuesday, August 4, that seven cases of Covid-19 were confirmed at a ham processing and packaging facility in Tullamore, Co. Offaly.

Carroll’s Cuisine confirmed that, during the past week, an employee informed the company that they had tested positive for Covid-19 and that they began self-isolating.

The company then carried out testing of all employees, and six other staff members – who work with the initial individual affected – tested positive. These workers are now self-isolating, the business said.

No other positive cases have been identified. Carroll’s said it will continue testing all staff and will “remain vigilant on a constant basis”.