Eligible Persons

The Scheme is open to farmers who:-

(i)                 have a minimum of 5 hectares which have been declared under the Single Farm Payment Scheme/Area Aid/Integrated Administration and Control System in the year of application or preceding year if after 1st January 2015 or have a minimum of 20 production units in the case of Intensive Enterprises;

(ii)               have a Department Identifier;

(iii)             agree to provide relevant bank/building society /credit union details to ensure that all payments made by the Department are paid by means of electronic fund transfer;

(iv)             meet the requirements as to reliability with reference to any previous EU co-financed operations undertaken since 2000 within the meaning of Article 24(2) (e) of Commission Regulation (EC) 65/2011.

Assessment of Applications for aid

Applications for aid will be assessed in accordance with the following criteria, in order of priority:

(i)                 Priority shall be given to young farmers in accordance with the details set out in the marking sheet.  However, such young farmer must hold a Department identifier at the time of application in order to be granted such priority;

(ii)               Priority shall be given to applicants with no prior TAMS 1 approval;

(iii)             The proposed cost of the project by the applicant as set out in paragraph 4 of the application form.  For this purpose, applicants will be given preference where the proposed costs are lower than the Department’s Reference Costs or Scheme Ceiling;

(iv)             Marks shall be awarded for early correct applications received which do not require further correspondence from the Department;

(v)               Priority to applicants where any part of the holding that is owned or leased is in a less favoured area.

Copies of the marking sheet which shall be used by the Department for this purpose are available on request from On-Farm Investment Schemes Division, Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Johnstown Castle Estate, Co. Wexford and are also available on the Department’s website under the heading “Farm Buildings”

Investments Eligible for Grant-Aid

All structures under the Scheme shall be constructed in full compliance with the relevant Minimum Specification(s) issued at the date of approval by the Department.

Investments eligible for a 40% grant rateup to maximum eligible investment ceiling of €20,000

Farm Safety Equipment 

Fixed Equipment

  1. Safety rails on silo walls
  2. Safety fencing for external slurry and effluent stores (including gate)
  3. Solid cover for external slurry and effluent stores
  4. Safety covers on external agitation points or manholes
  5. Replacement of damaged slats (single/twin/gang) or replacement of existing internal agitation point with new gang slats
  6. Replacement of a hinged door/sheeted gate with a new sliding door/roller door on agricultural buildings
  7. Removal of end wall of tank and provision of external agitation point3
  8. Wiring/Rewiring of existing farm buildings 1
  9. Yard Lights (min 200W equivalent, either metal halide or LED)
  10. Retrofitting roof clear-sheet (roof light) with safety cages.
  11. Circulation pipe (6”) to allow for agitation of slurry3
  12. Installation of calving gates
  13. Simple aeration systems

Mobile Equipment

  • Mobile cattle handling equipment:
  • Mobile cattle crush unit (min 2.4m long)4, 5, 8
  • Mobile cattle penning max 75 linear meters (in combination with Cattle handling unit)
  • Mobile cattle weighing scales 8
  • Leg hoist/ lifter
  • Head Scoop
  • Mobile sheep handling equipment:
  • Mobile specialised Sheep spraying equipment
  • Portable Sheep handling race with wheels (including footbath) 6, 7, 8
  • Portable basic Sheep Handling Race 6, 7, 8
  • Mobile Sheep Weighing Facilities 8
  • Mobile Sheep Rollover Crates 8
  • Mobile Sheep “Batch” Footbaths
  • Mobile Sheep penning max 75 linear metres (in combination with a Sheep Handling Race)
  • Mobile Sheep Adoption Unit Front
  • Mobile Sheep Adoption Unit Front with penning
  • (Please see Minimum Specification S136A – Accepted mobile sheep handling facilities for more details)

Conditions on Certain Investments

Minimum required when wiring/rewiring farm building:  A new distribution board, all new lights, all new wire, minimum one new socket per 80m2 or per house, and overall ETCI certificate and Supplementary Agricultural Certification Form.   The following lux levels are the minimum for each type of house:  50 lux (5 Watts/m2) for all Livestock Houses, Machinery Buildings, Hay barns and Produce Stores; 100 lux (10 Watts/m2) for Isolation Units and Calving boxes; 200 lux (20 Watts/m2) for Dairies and Milking Premises.  Note: As a guide 5 Watts/m2 using a florescent tube gives approximately 50 lux.

Minimum required when installing farm yard lights:  New lights (either metal halide or LED of min. 200W equivalent), all new wire, subsystem ETCI certificate and Supplementary Agricultural Certification Form.

Emptying of tanks before slat replacement:

It is strongly recommended that the tank be fully emptied prior to the commencement of any work on the replacement of slats.  It is strongly recommended that no one enters the tank during slat replacement activity.

If for some reason it becomes necessary to enter the tank, then the tank shall be tested for the presence of any harmful gases prior to anyone entering the tank.  This test shall include, but not be limited to, testing for hydrogen sulphide (H2S), methane (CH4), ammonia (NH3) and carbon dioxide (CO2).  If there is any doubt as to the levels of gases present, full breathing apparatus shall be used by anyone entering the tank.  Gas testing and breathing apparatus shall only be used by trained, competent personnel.

Mobile cattle crush unit must be a min. 2.4m long and fitted with a sculling gate (manual or automatic) and back gate.  The crush must be securely fixed when in use to prevent animals turning over the unit.

Mobile cattle crush unit does not include associated mobile penning.  Mobile cattle penning must be listed separately on the application form.  Mobile cattle penning can only be granted if it is included as part of an application that also includes a mobile cattle crush or if the applicant has received approval for a handling race as part of an earlier application .

Mobile sheep penning (up to a max. of 75m) can only be granted if it is included as part of an application that also includes a mobile handling race or if the applicant has received approval for a handling race as part of an earlier application.[i]

Portable sheep handling race does not include associated mobile penning (e.g. forcing gate/penning etc.).   Mobile penning must be listed separately on the application form.

Mobile handling units (cattle and sheep) comprising of integrated handling/weighing/rollover crate should be treated as separate investment items and listed individually.


Full Terms and Conditions can be found on the Department of Agriculture Website