The Brazilian beef sector is in a great moment and plans to increase its exports globally, according to Gabriela Tonini of the Brazilian Beef Exporters Association.

Speaking to Agriland in Paris, at the biennial food trade show SIAL, Tonini outlined that Brazil’s current market focus is both Hong Kong and Russia.

She said the that the Brazilian beef sector has not yet felt the positive effects of the Russian situation. But the next few months look promising, she said.

“There has been huge interest from Russian meat buyers at the trade show. We also recently attended a trade fair in Russia and the interest was huge in our products.

“The Russian buyers are mainly interested in forequarter cuts and frozen beef. The Russians themselves are now only adapting to the new situation.”

Brazil is also hoping China will become a key market in the future, although Tonini did concede that everyone wants a piece of the China pie. Brazil is also actively looking to gain access to the hugely attractive US market a feat which Ireland achieved this year. According to Tonini the documents are done and the final step is approval.

She said beef production in Brazil was up last year and it will be up this year too. Some 80%  of Brazilian beef is consumed domestically with 20% exported.


The EU remains an important market for Brazil Tonini cited. She said although its share of the EU market has decreased substantially in recent years it is still an important market for there premium cuts. “It is our 5th – 6th most important market in terms of revenue. We are working on removing some of the barriers to entry.”

Foot and Mouth

Tonini commented that the foot and mouth crisis which has doged the beef industry in Brazil is improving. She said only three states in the North of the vast country are not free from foot and mouth. “Some 95% of the cattle are in foot and mouth free zones. Its been a long process. Been a lot of focus on it people have worked really hard to improve the situation.”