The risk of blowfly strike attack has increased with the recent warm weather.

In its latest newsletter Teagasc has outlined the key advice and says the best options are to use dip or pour-on. However, it goes on to say that pour-on products are not effective against sheep-scab and most products are not effective against other parasites. (For the pour-on products to be effective against lice and ticks, there is a different method of application.)

Teagasc also notes that ticks are a common problem in spring and early summer particularly on marginal land and hill areas.

It says if you have not already treated for them, consider using an effective product now. Be careful to watch the withdrawal dates with lambs approaching slaughter. If using an injectable in the autumn to control sheep scab, you should consider dipping at least periodically to control the other external parasites.

Pour-on products and sheep dip products available on the market are presented in Tables 1 and 2 respectively.

Source: Teagasc

Source: Teagasc