Is this the best dairy staff canteen in the world?

The Yeo Valley staff canteen in the UK is being hailed as one of the worlds best staff canteens.

The 120 staff at the yoghurt manufacturer based in North Somerset in southern England can have lunch from just £2, which is run by a Michelin-trained chef.

Head-chef Jason Eland told the that he and his staff are there to encourage the staff to eat properly in terms of organic and sustainability.

“Also we’re trying to produce that and promote it with outside guests.

The menu changes daily, all our supplies, we have a community farm supplier; they’re a hub for organic producers, anyone that’s certified organic.

“Whatever they have that comes in we take and produce a menu from there. We have sustainable fish and things that comes in but primarily we use what’s around,” he said.

One worker at Yeo Valley, Rupert Hodges, has gone so far to describe the food in the canteen as “life-changing”.

“For the small amount we’re charged the quantity and quality is fantastic,” he told the

The beef and dairy used in the canteen is Yeo Valleys own, organic produce and it uses seasonal vegetables from its organic garden, as well as local community growing initiatives, the company’s website says.

A farm beef burger, tomato, gherkins and red onion in a brioche bun with skinny fires will only set you back £4 according to the

Yeo Valley also has an Instagram page, where the company posts images of the views from the company’s headquarters and updates from the farm.

Beautiful winter sunshine in the valley this morning – Happy Friday! #friday #winter #sunshine #yeovalley #somerset #beautiful #weather

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The company also posts images of recipes for anyone that wants to try and recreate the type of food that is served in the staff canteen.