It now seems likely that John Deere will unveil its new 9000 Series self-propelled forage harvesters over the coming weeks or even days.

The company has already released a teaser video online (on Facebook), in which there’s a subtle but intended reference to a 9000 Series decal (referring to its new-generation forager).

This picture (below) is a screen-grab from the video. For now, the manufacturer would like us to believe that the new model designation is just a mysterious glint in the observer’s eye.

John Deere

It’s worth noting that John Deere’s existing 8000 Series foragers run from approximately 380hp to 845hp.

There is considerable (unconfirmed) speculation that John Deere is now seeking to offer in excess of 1,000hp. Some commentators have suggested that the company may settle on a twin-engine configuration for its larger machines.

Certainly, there have been various reported sightings of ‘test machines’ in some parts of the world. Nonetheless, it remains to be seen exactly what final specifications will feature in production-spec versions.

In any case, stay tuned to AgriLand for more details as they emerge…

John Deere forager time-line

In the UK and Ireland, the self-propelled forage harvester has been something of a phenomenon going right back to the 1970s. What role has John Deere played in this fascinating story?

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About four years ago, the company phased in the first batch of its mammoth-sized 8000 Series foragers; the line-up ran from the 380hp 8100 to the 625hp 8600 (pictured below).

John Deere

Image source: Shane Casey

Alongside, the long-serving 630C grass pick-up was replaced by the 639.

In 2015, three further 8000 Series foragers joined the range – the 8300 (slotting in between existing models), the 8700 and the flagship (845hp) 8800. The two larger machines were home to 19L (Cummins) engines.

We’ll soon find out the specifications of the next-generation 9000 Series harvesters. Watch this space…