Irish farmers paid the fifth highest R3 heifer price in Europe

Farmers in Ireland were paid the fifth highest R3 heifer price in the European last week, the latest figures from the European Commission show.

During the week ending June 5, Irish R3 heifers made 411.7c/kg. This was 50c/kg cheaper than the highest priced market, Sweden.

Swedish beef farmers were paid 462.6c/kg for R3 heifers, while R3 heifers in Greece, the second best priced market made 438.1c/kg.

However, when compared to the lowest priced market, Latvia, Irish farmers where paid 205c/kg more for R3 heifers than farmers in the eastern European state.

Last week, the average EU heifer price stood at 382.8c/kg, almost 29c/kg lower than the R3 heifer price in Ireland, European Commission figures show.

R3 heifer price June 9
Source: European Commission

UK farmers paid €40 more for R3 heifers

According to the European Commission, farmers in the UK were paid 14.3c/kg more than Irish farmers for R3 heifers.

Last week, a R3 heifer in the UK made 426c/kg, while the same heifer in Ireland traded at 411.7c/kg.

On a 280kg carcass, this is a price difference of €40.

Over the past two months, UK heifers were cheaper than Irish heifers on a number of occasions, mainly due to a weaker Sterling and lower UK beef prices.

But, there are some signs that the UK market is starting to stabilise, with European Commission figures showing a small rise in the UK heifer price last week.

Northern Irish heifer price

Over the past two weeks, the price gap between Irish and Northern Irish heifers has continued to widen.

Last week, Northern Irish R3 heifers traded at 416c/kg, while the same heifer south of the border made 411.7c/kg. On a 280kg carcass this is a price difference of €12.

However, during the week ending May 22, Irish R3 heifers made 9.4c/kg more than Northern Irish heifers, on a 280kg heifer carcass this is a price difference of €26.

And, back in the last week of April a 280kg Irish heifer carcass was €42 dearer than a Northern Irish heifer carcass.

Heifer prices June 9
Source: European Commission