Sunshine, showers and humid weather in store for the weekend – Met Eireann

It will be another humid weekend with highs of 22 degrees but Met Eireann has also forecast both showers and sunny spells.

Friday is forecast to a mostly cloudy day with rain outbreaks in the morning making way for scattered and a lot of heavy showers in the afternoon.

Temperatures today are forecast to reach between 17- 20 degrees with very light southwesterly winds. The spread of potato blight is also likely until the end of the weekend.

Tonight heavy showers look set to die out and conditions are to become calm. Fog is expected to move inland and become very thick.


Overnight fog is forecast to burn off quickly after sunrise with the exception of some eastern coastal areas and most areas of the country will be dry during the day but some heavy showers will develop.

Hazy sunshine is forecast for Saturday but overall there will be a lot of cloud. It will be warm and humid with temperatures of 18 to 22 degrees with some cooling light southerly breezes, according to Met Eireann.

Late Saturday evening, rain looks set to move in from the west.

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Current indications suggest that it will be a mostly cloudy day on Sunday with only a few sunny spells.

It will be a humid day again with highs of 17 to 20 degrees forecast and some light westerly breezes. It is to turn fresher in western areas later on in the evening.

Outlook for next week

Met Eireann expects there to be a good deal of dry weather next week. Sunny spells will be widespread but showers are to be expected in between.

Temperatures are forecast to remain in the high teens but going by current weather charts, Met Eireann expects it to be a less humid week.