Independent Farmers seek clarity on latest talks

The Independent Farmers of Ireland has called on Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Michael Creed, to “clarify the situation” on talks that were held with stakeholders of the beef sector yesterday evening, Wednesday, September 11.

The group, formed from protesting farmers outside factories around the country, noted that it was aware of yesterday’s meetings through the media, claiming that “no attempt has been made to communicate with the people most affected by this dispute”.

“The peaceful protesters at the factory gates throughout the country have been ignored and once again it seems that the farmers must do as they are told unquestioningly,” the group said in a statement.

Therefore, we feel it is necessary once again to ask Minister Creed to clarify the situation -what has been discussed, what has been decided and where do the peaceful protesters fit into this plan?

The Independent Farmers of Ireland statement underlined that this prolonged dispute is of no benefit to anyone and “needs to be brought to a successful conclusion for all concerned as quickly as possible”.

“All the farming organisations that were invited to talks yesterday took part in the previous round of talks which lacked any positive outcome.

“It should be very clear from the last failed talks that a lack of transparency and respect for people’s opinions can only lead to more chaos.”

The statement added that the minister is “aware of the efforts being made by all parties” to restart talks and bring an end to the current stalemate.

Minister Creed needs to issue a public statement in the interest of transparency and treat the peacefully protesting Independent Farmers of Ireland with a degree of respect and not disdain.

“It is our future, our children’s future and the future of rural Ireland that he is jeopardising,” the statement concluded.