On Wednesday (December 8) as the tail end of storm Barra passed over the country, Agriland made the trip to Carnaross Mart for Taaffe Auctions’ December dairy sale.

The sale contained a total of 154 lots, made up of 112 freshly calved heifers and cows, 35 pure-bred non-registered cows and seven springing heifers.

The weather did not hamper the trade, with very few making less than 2,000gns and top call on the day being 3,220gns.

The sale contained lots from as far as Limerick; Donegal; Galway; Westmeath; Monaghan; Cavan; Meath; Wicklow; and Dublin.

Ballivor Ruby Moose

Top call of the Taaffe Auctions’ dairy sale went to Lot 42 Ballivor Ruby Moose from Paul Feeney’s Ballivor herd; she sold for 3,220gns.

Calved in October and milking 37L, Ballivor Ruby Moose is a potential tenth generation VG/EX.

Sired by Progenesis Moose, her dam Ballivor Massey Ruby VG86 produced 10,376kg of milk (solids) in her third lactation at 3.96% fat and 3.54% protein.

Ballivor Ruby Moose sold for 3,220gns

Ballydoogan Ronaldo Breda

Closely behind Ballivor Ruby Moose was Lot 77 Ballydoogan Ronaldo Breda, consigned by Timmy Hegarty from Ballydoogan Dairies; she sold for 3,200gns.

This second calver, freshly calved just two-weeks ago produced 7,380kg of milk in her first lactation at 3.92% fat and 3.75% protein.

Sired by Olcastletown Ronaldo (FR2298), her dam Ballydoogan Pat Breda produced 9,790kg of milk in her fourth lactation.

Ballydoogan Ronaldo Breda sold for 3,200gns

Monamore Peps Ada

Next was Lot 40 Monamore Peps Ada from the famous Monamore herd of Thomas, Rhona and James Kelly.

Calved since November 2, and milking 34L, she sold for 3,040gns.

Sired by Delaberge Pepper, her dam Monamore Sevens Ada EX93 3E produced 11,445kg of milk in her fifth lactation at 3.44% fat and 3.24% protein.

Monamore Peps Ada sold for 3,040gns

Monamore W.P Daisy

Into the ring just before Lot 40 Monamore Peps Ada, was Lot 39 Monamore W.P Daisy.

Calved on October 18, and milking 33L, this heifer sired by Westcoast Perseus sold for 3,000gns.

She is a potential eighteenth generation VG/EX, her dam Lissispin Daisy 85 VG85, produced 7,105kg of milk in her first lactation at 4.44% fat and 3.53% protein.

Monamore W.P Daisy sold for 3,000gns

Cornboro Perseus Mita

Next was another Westcoast Perseus-sired heifer. From the Cornboro Herd, Lot 11 Cornboro Perseus Mita sold for 2,700gns. She was purchased by a Donegal farmer.

Calved on November 1, and milking 38L, her dam Cornboro A Mita VG89 produced 11,212kg of milk in her third lactation.

Cornboro Perseus Mita sold for 2,700gns

Ballivor Mayday June

Coming from the same herd as top price Ballivor Ruby Moose, Lot 4 Ballivor Mayday June sold for 2,600gns.

Sired by Abs Mayday -ET, her dam Ballivor Olm June GP84 produced 12,718kg of milk in her third lactation at 3.47% fat and 3.42% protein.

Ballivor Mayday June sold for 2,600gns

Coolacork Ann Arrow

A somewhat unusual Lot at the sale was Lot 89 Coolacork Ann Arrow, a pedigree Brown Swiss heifer.

Traveling from Wicklow for Wednesday’s sale, this Superbrown Arrow-sired heifer sold for 2,000gns.

Coolacork Ann Arrow sold for 2,000gns

Dispersal sale

After the Taaffe Auctions monthly sale, Taaffe held the dispersal sale of Anthony Leonard, who is retiring from milk production.

The dispersal sale contained 35 cows and seven springing heifers, with the herd averaging 6,641kg of milk at 4.20% fat and 3.50% protein.

This 2015-born cow with an economic breeding index (EBI) of €257 sold for 1,720gns

The majority of the cows sold from 1,000gns to 1,850gns, with top price for the heifers being 1,500gns.

Four of the remaining six heifers made over 1,400gns, with two selling for 1,400gns with another two making 1,450gns.

The 2017-born cow with an EBI of 231 sold for 1,280gns