In for the long haul? Kubota wheels out more new metal

Kubota rolled out a scattering of new tractors at a major recent farming event in Spain.

Pictured (above) is one such new arrival – the M6121. It’s seen here equipped with a new LK2100H front loader.

This tractor is home to a 115hp, 6.1L Kubota engine; a boost function can provide another 20hp (in certain circumstances). The engine is mated to a six-speed powershift transmission (with five main gears/ranges).

The M6121 is essentially a new addition to the existing M Series line-up.

New smaller tractors

Also new from Kubota is the M4002 Series. The M4062 and M4072 (pictured below) models replace the outgoing M6060 and M7060.

The new tractors are notable for their larger and apparently more comfortable cabs. Kubota claims that all-round visibility has improved. Air-conditioning, an air-sprung driver’s seat and a sunroof are all fitted as standard.

A 36F 36R transmission is also standard; it comes with a clutch-less (electro-hydraulic) shuttle.

The engine – Kubota’s own – is a 3.3L, four-cylinder unit (namely the V3307). Power from this motor tops out at 73hp.

Like the new M6121, the M4062 and M4072 had their debut at the recent FIMA international agricultural exhibition in Zaragoza (Spain). The show attracted nearly 240,000 visitors, including none other than Spain’s King Felipe VI.

Alas, we’re not sure how much time he spent examining these new tractors.

‘Big guns’

Meanwhile, Kubota unveiled its new M7002 tractor line-up late last year. This replaces the existing M7001 range (130-170hp). The M7001 models were built in France (as are its replacements); the factory started producing these tractors in 2014.

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The new M7002 range features a new six-speed powershift transmission, a higher payload, improved joystick control and a headland management system that can do “more than before”.