UPDATE: More than 18,000 farmers benefited under the Imported Fodder Transport Scheme, under which, to date, payments worth some €2.4m have been issued, with total expenditure expected to be in the region of €2.8m. This is according to the latest figures from the Department of Agriculture.  

The data also shows of the 78 different bodies, which participated in the scheme, to date 71 have submitted claims, of which 48 have been fully processed and paid in full, with a further 19 having received a 75 per cent advance payment.

In light of the difficulties experienced by farmers in sourcing fodder supplies in April and May 2013, the department announced the allocation of funding for an imported fodder transport scheme, designed to reduce the cost to farmers of imported forage (hay, silage, haylage) from outside the island of Ireland.

According to the department, the aid substantially covered the cost of transport into the country, thus reducing the cost to farmers of a bale of hay by approximately one third.

The scheme was operated through the co-operatives, marts and other approved agencies. According to the department, operating the scheme in this manner was the quickest and most effective way of getting the fodder to those who needed it.

In a rely to a parliamentary question this week, Agriculture Minister Simon Coveney said the balancing payment will issue to these concerns once all outstanding issues are resolved.

The following table statement shows the payments made to date on a county basis.

2013 Imported Fodder Transport Scheme

County Value of payments made, to date
Carlow 0
Cavan €267,758
Clare €35,408
Cork €1,089,628
Donegal €77,385
Dublin 0
Galway €56,557
Kerry €153,485
Kildare €2,333
Kilkenny €180,065
Laois 0
Leitrim €18,962
Limerick €59,133
Longford 0
Louth 0
Mayo €7,231
Meath €2,250
Monaghan €83,606
Offaly €18,843
Roscommon €31,827
Sligo €182,641
Tipperary €110,406
Waterford 0
Westmeath €10,808
Wexford 0
Wicklow €3,710
TOTAL €2,392,035