IFA calls for Irish ‘brand’ for food produce, built on back of Kerrygold success

Bord Bia needs to set up an Irish food brand to help with beef exports, according to the IFA President.

Speaking at the Association’s AGM this week, IFA President Eddie Downey said Ireland needs to build on the Kerrygold brand and what it has. This is a key part of the IFA’s submission to the Agri-Food Strategy 2025, he said.

Such a label, he said, would be similar to the one Scotland has for beef and lamb and would help Irish produce reach a premium price in markets abroad.

“Now we are moving into the US market, we need a solid Irish brand.” He also said an ‘all-Ireland’ beef label was a large part of the Agri-Food Strategy 2025.

“It will be a key part of negotiations. We have to look at all part of the industry and how they see a branding system working. We kept away from this for years as we felt there might be an adverse reaction to some markets we supply…we don’t see that now.”

He also called for a supermarket ombudsman and said there is an “absolute necessity” for it now.

“We have seen the multiples grow stronger and stronger. There should be a control mechanism on them to ensure they don’t abuse producers along the way. We have seen what they did last Christmas with vegetables.”