We have seen in some marts over the past week, that some categories of store cattle have received a slight push back in prices due to the poor grass growth easing their demand.

Although, speaking to Agriland after Friday’s (May 7) sale at Tullow Mart, manager Eric Driver stated that he would be more positive about the store cattle trade this week than he would have been at last week’s sale – with a lower attendance of stock boosting competition for cattle.

He stated: “I think from looking at the prices paid at this week’s sale for the quality store bullock or heifer, that the trade was still holding firm for these class of cattle.

“We had a special entry of continental bullocks, aged around two-years-old and coming in at the 500kg mark, making from €1,350/head up to €1,440/head.

“So when you see prices such as these being achieved, it’s not too bad of a sale,” he added.

“Now in saying that, your plainer-type black Limousin and mousey-coloured Charolais store, also weighing around 500kg, was making €1,050-1,160/head or €2.10-2.15/kg – which was not as hectic of a price in comparison to previous weeks, but with the way grass growth is at the minute that is too be expected.”

Lighter store cattle

He added: “Looking at the lighter store cattle trade, these animals in the 300-400kg category, there were Friesian bullocks making from €1.70-1.90/kg.

“Hereford and Angus heifers and bullocks were making €2.00-2.15/kg – you would possibly get €2.20/kg but they would want to be really in-spec cattle with very little movements.

“Heavy cattle were in good demand. The cull cows were topped at €2.12/kg or €1,715 for a Limousin cow weighing 805kg,” he said.

Calf trade

The Carlow-based mart also played host to a smaller calf sale than what was seen a month ago – but this is a common trend being seen across a lot of marts at the minute as the season pushes on.

Commenting on the sale of calves, Eric stated:

“The shipping-type Friesian bull calf was making from €60-80/head – for strong Friesian bulls these prices pushed up to €100-140/head.

“Hereford and Angus heifer calves were selling at €130-220/head, while the bulls were selling at €160-280/head.

“A couple of continental calves broke the €300/head mark, but not too many.”

Concluding his comments on the trade, Eric stated: “There are customers out there for the reared calf with low movements, but they are just few and far between in sales here at the minute.”