Humid conditions and heavy rain forecast this weekend

Conditions are likely to become more humid and unsettled over the weekend, with the danger of some heavy rainfall, according to Met Eireann.

A lot of dry, bright weather is forecast today, Friday. Some sunny spells are also possible, the best of which are expected early on and again in the evening.

There is a risk of a few – mostly light – isolated showers over parts of Ulster and north Leinster.

After a chilly start, temperatures are set to climb to between 16º and 19º, in mainly light variable or northwesterly breezes.

Dry conditions are predicted countrywide tonight, under largely clear skies at first. There is a danger of some mist and fog forming, with temperatures dropping to between 6º and 9º in slack winds.

Opportunities for both drying and spraying will become limited from Saturday afternoon onwards, according to Met Eireann.


Tomorrow, Saturday, is set to be chilly to begin with – while many eastern parts of the country will have a good deal of dry weather, alongside some hazy sunshine. Cloudy conditions are expected to dominate in the west of the country.

Outbreaks of heavy rain are expected to develop in Atlantic coastal counties during the afternoon; these showers are likely to spread eastwards in the late afternoon and evening.

It is forecast to turn increasingly breezy as the day progresses, with southeast winds increasing to strong and gusty in southern and eastern areas by evening. Daytime temperatures will remain similar to the previous day, Met Eireann added.

Outbreaks of rain – which will be heavy and possibly thundery – are set to fall in all areas tomorrow night, with a risk of spot flooding. It will be milder than recent nights, with lows of 12º to 14º.


Sunday is expected to be humid and mostly cloudy, with the danger of scattered outbreaks of rain and drizzle. A few of these showers may turn heavy and possibly thundery at times.

Temperatures will reach highs of 17º to 21º, as winds veer south to southwest and become light to moderate. Conditions may become dry and clear overnight, with some mist and fog in places.

Early indications suggest that Monday will bring a mixture of sunny spells and occasional cloudy periods, with temperatures reaching highs of 19º.

Currently, Tuesday looks set to be a humid and damp day – with some heavy rain likely to be moving in off the Atlantic, Met Eireann concluded.