Hopes have been raised that key new investments will be allowed for grant aid under the next tranche of TAMS II.

Late last year, the Department of Agriculture applied to the European Commission for a number of amendments to its Rural Development Plan.

Included among the amendments is the inclusion of grain storage and tillage equipment and sheep fencing.

IFA Rural Development Chairman Flor McCarthy said it is important that these are available to farmers in the next tranche of TAMS which commences on March 26.

He said the IFA understands that the Commission has no issue with these amendments to the RDP and are likely to formally approve them shortly.

An early opening date for these additional measures is now required, McCarthy said.

TAMS II approvals

McCarthy has also accused the Minister for Agriculture, Simon Coveney of ‘foot-dragging’ on issuing approvals for farmers who have applied for the TAMS II grants.

He said that many farmers applied as far back as last September for grant aid under the various schemes and are still awaiting approval six months later.

“The only approvals issued to date are priority cases for dairy equipment and low emission slurry equipment.

“This represents over 1,000 farmers, compared to the 2,500 who have applied in total for the scheme,” he said.

According to McCarthy said, it is vitally important that all farmers who have applied for TAMS investment are given the go-ahead without further delay, particularly as the weather is now improving so that investments can take place.


In relation to TAMS I payments for investments that were carried out in 2015, IFA has called for all outstanding payments to be made without further delay.