With its range of Vertical Auger and MixMax paddle type feeders, Hi-Spec Engineering Co Ltd offers one of the widest ranges of diet feeders on the market.

A particular feature of Hi-Spec diet feeders is the wide range of options available, and they offer one of the widest range of feed-out options available of any machine on the market, ensuring that there is an option to suit all types of building and feeding system.

Vertical Auger range

The Hi-Spec Vertical Auger range of feeders is available in both single and twin auger variants.

Single auger machines range in size from 7m3 to 16m3 and the twin auger from 14m3 to 32m3.

A specific feature of the Hi-Spec range is its ability to quickly and efficiently incorporate complete bales into the mix, due to the unique knife arrangement, which also allows the Vertical Auger mixer to be used with lower horsepower tractors.


Hi-Spec T20 Vertical Feeder in operation

The Vertical Auger range uses a low pitch mixing and chopping auger that creates a simple cycle action and is fitted with eight self-sharpening knives, one of which runs close to the body of the Vertical Feeder.

This ensures that once the mix is drawn up by the auger, as it falls back down the side it continues to be chopped and mixed, ensuring a quick and thorough mix can be consistently achieved.

The Vertical Auger mixer only requires two double acting valves to operate all the hydraulic functions.

The wide range of options includes various discharge outlet positions or a variable height hydraulic chute or Cross Conveyor with elevator.


Hi-Spec T16 Vertical Feeder

It can also be specified with the Digi-Star TMR Tracker fully programmable electronic weighing system.

The Vertical Auger can also be fitted with a straw blower so that it can also be used as a bedder, or with a Root Washer and Cleaner so that root crops can be incorporated into the mix.


Straw blower attachment fitted to a High-Spec Vertical Feeder

MixMax range

The Hi-Spec MixMax range of paddle type feeders are designed to be flexible, sturdy and economical, with a long lasting and simple design that ensures low running costs and low maintenance.

The MixMax uses the Hi-Spec Feed-Flo mixing system that features a single angled rotor arms to provide thorough end-to-end mixing and a light fluffy ration without the need for multiple augers.


Hi-Spec MixMax 16

The mix is discharged through a hydraulically operated door through a teaser roller that makes it easy to adjust the flow rate and provide an even, consistent feedout.


Hi-Spec MixMax 16 in operation

Four single axle MixMax models are available, ranging from 10m3 up to 18m3 and there are three double axle models of 18m3, 20m3 and 24m3.

Options available on the MixMax include the Digi-Star Tracker programmable weighing system, a hydraulic or fold-down elevator and the Root Washer and Chopper for incorporating root crops into the ration.


Hi-Spec MixMax 14

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