The league tables for the top beef and dairy AI bulls used in 2015 have been released with both Limousin and Holstein/Friesian dominating their respective categories.The league tables for both the beef and dairy AI bulls used last year was published by the Irish Cattle Breeding Federation (ICBF) and features the top 50 bulls in each category.

Top beef AI bulls in 2015

Limousin bull, Hauteclair (HCA) had 9,876 calves registered to him last year – 2,500 more than any other bull. Hauteclair, a five star bull, has a replacement index value of €126, while his terminal index value stands at €110.


Limousin 5 star bull, ‘Hauteclair’ was born in 1992

Charolais sires took second and third in the list with Lisnagre Elite (ET) having 7,291 calves registered to him in 2015. ‘Elite’ progeny have a calving difficulty of 10.5%, well above the the Charolais average of 7.58%.

Fiston (FSZ) was third on the list with his terminal price index standing at €152 with his progeny carcass weight index value reaching 37kg, with the all breed average only reaching 13.58%. ‘Fiston’ has a replacement index value €91 and is 5 star bull within the Charolais breed.

Top Beef AI Bulls 2015

Top dairy AI bulls used in 2015

The dairy list has a Holstein/Friesian in first place with 15,765 females registered to  (IG) Ballinaborta Primo (PBM) last year, 5,500 more than any other bull. ‘Primo’ has an EBI of €241 and a milk sub index of €108.

(IG) Ballybride Sherlock (KSK) was second on the list with 9,972 females registered to him in 2015 with an EBI value of €186.

Third on the list was (IG) Rhincrue Super Dano 12 (RPA) who had 7,189 females registered to him in 2015. ‘Dano’ has a EBI value of €292, much higher than either ‘Primo’ or ‘Sherlock’.

Top Dairy AI Bulls 2015

The full list of the top 50 AI bulls used in both beef and dairy is available on the ICBF website.