A Meath woman’s love of Highland cattle is so strong that a bevvy of these distinctive bovine beauties made a guest appearance on her wedding day.

Sive Corrigan who was born and raised on a farm in Boardsmill, has a long held hankering for these hardy Highland cattle with their signature russet manes, fabulous fringes and magnificent horns.

So she was thrilled when her family conspired to have a few Highland cattle make a guest appearance after she married Kildare man Stephen Mulligan on September 3, in St. Brigid’s Church, Boardsmill.

“We always had beef cattle and sheep on the family farm, then a suckler herd up until recent years. Now my brother Eoin has a dairy farm, with most importantly – to me anyway – a Highland/Friesian calf arriving in the New Year as a Christmas present he got me,” said Sive.

“Our parents, Sean and Catherine, encouraged myself and my four siblings Meadhbh, Eoin, Áine and John to help out on the farm when we were growing up.

“We all did our fair share; there was always something to keep us busy. I remember being brought out of my local primary school to help get some sheep off the road,” said Sive.

A heart for a Highland

“I always loved animals of any kind but I guess you could say I have a soft spot for Highland cattle. How could you not; their nature, their colours, that fluffy coat and those fringes,” Sive continued.

“It was a love that no doubt grew when I got to see them in person on a family trip around Scotland some years ago.

“My mam suggested Highlands featuring in our wedding and Meadhbh thought to herself:’ I wonder could I make something work?’

“After a bit of research she got in touch with Michelle Shaughnessy, a Highland cattle breeder based in Longford, who went above and beyond in planning with Meadhbh to make it happen,” said Sive.

“In the end she sourced some Highlands which she had recently sold to a man in Mullingar as logistically it was working out a bit easier. To say it was a surprise would be an understatement.

“How they pulled it off I don’t know but I’m definitely glad they did. It made an already special day all that more special and memorable.

“Stephen has a bit of a background in farming and he is a quick learner which he will need to be for the few Highlands I plan on introducing. His wedding gift to me is a Highland cow.

“I’m counting down the days and can’t wait to welcome it. Where I go from there who knows, but sure it will need at least one other to keep it company, be rude not to,” Sive concluded.

Sive expressed thanks to all who made the highland element to her wedding day a reality, including the Floods for the use of their yard.