Nominations are now being accepted for the position of President of the IFA and must be returned by 5.30pm on Wednesday, January 6, 2016, according to the IFA.

The IFA National Treasurer and Returning Officer (NTRO) Jer Bergin opened nominations today (Wednesday).

The resignation of Eddie Downey on November 25, means an election for President must be held, involving the members voting in the branches.

Key requirements for position of IFA President

  1. Any candidate for election to any office in the IFA must be a fully paid up member and a full contributor of any relevant commodity fees or levies operated by the IFA.
  2. A member must have a minimum of six months unbroken membership of IFA in order to be eligible to be a candidate for election to any national position
  3. For the office of President, Deputy President or Regional Chairman candidates may accept nomination for one position only at each election.
  4. A candidate for the office of President, shall be a full-time farmer by occupation.
  5. Each candidate who accepts a nomination for the office of President, shall in confidence inform the National Treasurer/Returning Officer of any significant business, trade, professional or occupational interest which he holds outside of farming. If, in the judgement of the National Treasurer/Returning Officer, a potential conflict of interests could reasonably arise, he shall disclose it to Council.
  6. A candidate for the office of President must secure nomination by his own County Executive, endorsed by the signed support of five and not more than five Chairmen of other County Executives.

According to the IFA’s rules and constitution, in the event of one person only being nominated for the office of President, the National Treasurer/Returning Officer shall without an election declare the said person elected for the ensuing term on the day on which nominations close.

The date of the IFA Presidential has yet to be officially confirmed. Under the current rules, an election must take place within two months of the vacancy.

However, at last week’s Executive Council meeting, the Rules Committee was requested to advise Council on the best timeframe and process for an election.

With this in mind and in view of the circumstances, the IFA has stated that the Rules Committee advised Council that a Rule change is required to give Council greater flexibility on the timing of an election.