Graphic content: Sheeps’ ears sliced off and ‘throats stabbed’ in malicious attack

A farmer in Co. Down woke up this morning, July 5, to find three of his sheep dead after a violent attack last night.

A total of eight sheep had their ears sliced off, while three of them had also been “stabbed” in the throat, according to a facebook post published by the farmer’s son.

It is reported that three other sheep had to be put down this morning by the vet, after they were discovered by the farmer.

The sheep were being held somewhere along the Temple Hill Road, Ballyholland, Newry, the facebook post added.

The farmer’s son believes that it was a person who carried out the malicious attack, claiming “this was not a dog attack”.

“There is a sick [person] in the area getting his kicks from cutting animals. Three were dead this morning and the vet had to put down three more,” the facebook post read.

Warning: Graphic images

The farmer’s son posted several photos of the sheep, which were reportedly attacked last night, on facebook.

The attack has received widespread condemnation on social media. But some people are arguing about whether or not these injuries were in fact inflicted by dogs.

It is believed the attack took place sometime between 8:30pm on Tuesday night, July 4 and 8:00am this morning, according to Inspector Denise Graham from the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI).

She said: “Unfortunately, the owner arrived to find some had already been killed and some were then brought to a vet where they have since had to be put down.

This was a quite brutal act and we would ask for the public’s assistance in dealing with it.

Police are appealing for anyone who may have witnessed the attack or who might have any information on the incident to come forward.