Further extension granted for the establishment of catch crops in GLAS

A further extension for the establishment of catch crops in the Green, Low-Carbon, Agri-Environment Scheme (GLAS) has been granted.

The extension was recently confirmed by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine due to continued high levels of rainfall.

As a result of the extension, the deadline for the establishment of catch crops – as set out in the GLAS specifications – has been put back until October 28, 2017, the department added.

This is the second time that the deadline has been extended this year. The original deadline was set as September 15; but earlier this month it was pushed back until today (September 30).

Under the initial extension, there was no need for GLAS farmers to notify the department that they planned on availing of the additional time.

However, the department highlighted that catch crops sown between September 30 and October 28 must “remain in situ” until January 31 next year.

Advisors were urged to ensure that they brought this information to the attention of their GLAS clients. If a GLAS farmer wishes to avail of the most recent extension, they are advised to choose seed mixes suitable for later sowing.

The deadline for the establishment of catch crops in GLAS was also extended last year due to poor weather conditions.

Requirements of catch crop cultivation

Farmers who plan to plant catch crops in GLAS must employ light cultivation techniques. Broadcasting or drilling sowing methods must also be used to establish the crop.

According to the department, farmers are required to grow a minimum area of 10ha (priority action) or 4ha (general action) under the scheme.

Other requirements include:
  • Catch crops can be rotated from one year to the next, provided the initial area chosen continues to be delivered;
  • The action can be delivered on full or split LPIS parcels;
  • Where the action is on a split parcel, it must be digitised out and marked on the map submitted with the GLAS application;
  • The under sowing or sowing of grass crops is not permitted;
  • The catch crops must remain in situ from the date of sowing to December 1 annually.