The first signed nomination papers for the role of IFA Deputy President have been lodged at IFA HQ today.

Nigel Renaghan, the current IFA Poultry Chairman, has formally entered the race to become the next Deputy President of the IFA after he submitted his nomination papers to IFA HQ this morning (Friday).

The Monaghan man has served as Poultry Chair since 2012.

Prior to declaring for the Deputy President job he went forward for the position of President of IFA before deciding to focus on the Deputy position.

“As a poultry and beef farmer myself, I know how much of a struggle farming in Ireland has become, especially for the younger generation of farmers who often find that despite working 12 or 13 hour days, supporting a family on a farm income is barely a viable proposition.

“Now, more than ever, all farmers both full-time and part-time, needs a strong, united, and effective national organisation to represent them.”

Renaghan said that unfortunately, as recent months have shown, the IFA is not in the shape it needs to be in if it is to represent farming families effectively.

In particular, our organisational strength is not what it should be, and we have failed to engage young people in particular with our work.

“As National Poultry Chairman, I have demonstrated what can be accomplished when farmers stand together.”

In the poultry sector, Renaghan said he has worked with farmers across the country to develop a united front that has been able to negotiate with industry and deliver significant increases in farm income.

“I have done that, very simply, by bringing people together and demonstrating the value of unity and organisation.

“When we walk into the negotiating room, we have strength only when the people across the table know that those we represent are united.”

That is why it will be my mission to bring a new generation of leadership to the IFA, and a new generation of members into our ranks.

The Poultry Chair believes that the IFA must get younger, more passionate, more engaged, and more member-focused.

“As Deputy President, my mission will be to restore our organisational strength.

“I believe I have shown as Poultry Chairman that all farmers can trust my work ethic, and my leadership.

“Now, I ask them to stand with me, so that we can rebuild this organisation and deliver results to the farming families across this land who so desperately need someone to fight on their behalf.”