Fianna Fail calls on Government to co-finance Ireland’s €11m aid package

Fianna Fail Agriculture Spokesperson Charlie McConalogue has called on the Government to match the EU Conditional Adjustment Aid Package and provide €11m to help farmers through current market volatility issues.

McConalogue said the Government must match the exiting EU funding to provide much needed relief for farmers who are struggling with high costs and plummeting prices.

“The volatility in prices has been particularly difficult for smaller family farmers, many of who have been fighting to remain viable.

“The EU package will provide money to help with production costs, co-operation projects and certain cash flow reliefs,” he said.

The Fianna Fail spokesperson said the introduction of the €11m aid package was a move in the right direction, but the Irish Government must do more to alleviate the pressure on farmers.

“Under the package, Member States are allowed to match the EU allocation with national funds and I am urging Minister Creed to do this.

At a time when the Government is failing to meet its own targets in the Beef Genomics, GLAS and Knowledge Transfer Schemes, it should be offering other funding packages to assist hard pressed farmers.

“This solidarity fund is open to most farmers and would provide an additional revenue stream, which is badly needed given the current market volatility,” he said.

McConalogue also said that Minister Creed should not delay on this issue.

“He needs to put the necessary wheels in motion to ensure that his department can source the funds necessary to match this important EU package and provide greater certainty for farmers across the country,” he said