Farmers for Action (FFA) has invited representatives from every agri stakeholder group on the island of Ireland – plus the livestock marts to take part – in a meeting on the morning of Tuesday March 18th to discuss the unfolding crisis now taking place within the beef and sheep sectors. The event will be held in a hotel near Dublin Airport.

FFA’s William Taylor issued the following press statement:

“With protests last week in Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic against the unjust prices and punitive penalties being imposed by abattoirs, the time has come where northern and southern farm organisations must get around the table to agree a strategy, such is the scale of the crisis for beef and sheep farmers.”

William Taylor continued:

“Due to a firm willingness from the vast majority of agri stakeholder groups to attend such a meeting, FFA’s Steering Committee has agreed to facilitate such a get-together in Dublin, with the date set for next Tuesday.


Invitations have already been sent out to all relevant groupings, including the Irish Farmers Association and the various livestock mart organisations.”

Concluding William said:

“It is our duty as farm organisations to deliver fairness on beef and lamb at the farm gate immediately especially for the sake of the well being of many of our family farmers now being pushed to the brink!”

The FFA representative is remaining tight lipped in terms of what he envisages coming out of next week’s get-together.

“It is not for me to second guess what will come out of the meeting,” he stressed.

“However, a strong message must be sent out to the plants, telling them in no uncertain terms that farmers will not tolerate prices that are so far below the cost of producing beef and lamb at the present time.”