John Deere has announced its support for global crop protection company’s BASF’s national ‘Farming, the Biggest Job on Earth’ campaign.

“As a leading company in providing advanced technology, products and services to farmers and growers worldwide, John Deere is committed to the success of those whose work and livelihood is linked to the land,” said John Deere Limited marketing manager Gordon Day. “We believe this campaign is an excellent way of highlighting the vital role our industry plays in meeting the world’s ever increasing need for food, fuel and fibre.”

Over the next few decades it is likely that the world will need to produce two to three times as much food as today, to higher nutritional standards, from the same available farmland. With the world population currently growing by more than 8,700 people per hour, around 9.5 billion people are expected to inhabit the planet by 2050. As a result, demand for grain is expected to triple over the next 50 years, so a tremendous worldwide growth in demand is anticipated for ever more efficient and productive agricultural equipment.

According to experts, three factors are of critical importance to achieve the necessary higher levels of productivity: mechanisation, irrigation and genetics. John Deere’s agriculture division leads the global market in mechanised agricultural solutions, producing equipment designed to improve productivity and significantly reduce the lifetime costs of operation, while at the same time minimising the environmental impact.

This means constantly developing more energy-efficient products and systems to help farmers conserve resources, to sustain air and water quality, and to eliminate or reduce waste. John Deere solutions include new, more fuel efficient engines and transmissions and a range of ‘intelligent’ FarmSight technologies designed to enhance productivity, increase efficiency and reduce overall input costs.

John Deere’s latest precision farming technology was displayed on the company’s stand at the recent CropTec event at the East of England Showground in Peterborough, in October.

Watch the campaign video here and do support.