Farmers feature on the latest tax defaulters list

A number of farmers have featured on the tax defaulters list published by the Revenue for the second quarter of 2017. The list is released in respect of the period April 1 to June 30.

The tax defaulters list is published in two parts. The first part lists people’s cases where the court has determined a penalty relating to a settlement, or has imposed a fine, imprisonment or other penalty in respect of a tax or duty offence.

A number of farmers from across the country were fined for failing to lodge Income Tax returns, with fines ranging from €1,250 all the way up to €10,500.

Meanwhile, two farmers were also fined for the misuse of marked mineral oil (green diesel). Both of these farmers were fined €2,500.

Thomas Mossie Joyce from Kilronan, Aran Islands, Co. Galway joined Enda McFeely from Callan, Drumkeen in Co. Donegal in being fined for this offence.

The second part of the tax defaulters list relates to settlements, which are published when the extensive voluntary disclosure options are not availed of and the default arises as a result of careless or deliberate behaviour.

A total of 58 cases are published today, with the total settlement amounts in all of these cases adding up to just over €11 million.

A farmer and fertiliser salesman, Seamus Lappin, from 191 Granemore Road, Tassagh in Co. Armagh was ordered to pay €48,391 due to the under-declaration of PAYE/PRSI/USC in the wake of a revenue audit.

James Relihan – a farmer from Knockeragh, Listowel in Co. Kerry – was ordered to pay €34,703 due to the under declaration of Capital Gains Tax following a revenue audit.

Similarly, Patrick Scanlan – a farmer and agricultural contractor from Garranboy, Killaloe in Co. Clare – was ordered to pay €46,633 due to the under-declaration of Income Tax and VAT following a revenue audit.

These published settlements reflect only a portion of all audits and investigations carried out by the Revenue.

In the 3-month period to June 30 of this year, a total of 1,387 revenue audit and investigations – together with 23,877 Risk Management Interventions (Aspect Queries & Profile Interviews) – were settled. This resulted in a yield of €115.13 million in tax, interest, and penalties.