Farm theft: Are you protected?

With the harvest complete and autumn drawing to a close, it’s natural to prepare for the winter season and to make plans for your farm in the coming year.

Unfortunately, the darker and quieter evenings are an opportunity for potential thieves to target your farm.

The good news is that there are simple practical steps that you can take to prevent farm theft.

Cost-effective steps

  • Identify your items that are at risk. Generally thieves will target something that is easy to steal and easy to sell. For example, do you have trailers, diesel, workshop tools, livestock, AI flasks, generators and diesel bowsers?
  • Do you have high value items in your home contents? Do you require insurance cover for jewellery and other contents whilst away from the home?
  • Once you have identified your items, walk around your property and buildings and catalogue your equipment. Photograph the items and record the serial number. If there is no serial number, consider engraving the item with your Eircode. Provide your insurance company with these details to ensure you’re covered against theft.
  • Select a building to secure against theft. The closer this building is to the dwelling house the better. Use this as your workshop or tool store. Use mesh/bars to secure any windows and quality steel padlocks to close the doors. Consider installing a sensor light and/or cameras in proximity to this building.
  • For larger items that can’t be stored here, use hitch locks and chain the item to another machine or pillar of the shed.
  • Remove all keys from vehicles whilst unattended.
  • Lock entrance gates at night.
  • Report all incidents to the Gardai and your insurance provider as soon as possible.
  • Join the local text alert group. It’s important for communities to support each other. Sharing and assisting each other with protecting your farms from theft.

More information

Farm theft is an unfortunate part of rural life, but these simple and cost-effective steps can help ward off any thieves.

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