Fancy a 4-axle, all-purpose (dump/silage) trailer?

Here’s an all-purpose (dump/silage) trailer that will test your tractor (pictured above).

It’s a four-axle monster; it’s built by Canadian company Penta Equipment.

Penta Equipment has four production facilities in southwestern Ontario. The firm specialises in the production of feeder wagons, tillage equipment, spreaders and trailers (so-called ‘Dump Boxes‘).

The company’s been manufacturing farm equipment since the 1970s; nowadays, it sells its wares not just in Canada – but also the US, Australia, Japan and Russia.

Its heavy-duty trailers – or ‘Dump Boxes’ – comes in a range of sizes. The biggest DB70 (pictured) has four-axles; next up is the DB50 on three axles. Both of these units have front and rear steering axles.

The smaller DB40 and DB30 both come with tandem-axle assemblies.

Capacities stretch from a modest 30m³ right up to a whopping 70m³.

The capacious DB70 and DB50 are aimed at contractors or, as they say in North America, custom operators. The twin-axle DB40 and DB30 are typically bought by farmers.

Novel features

The front of the ‘box’ is designed to be “operator friendly”. Visibility is given a boost by a viewing window, which is covered with plexiglass; this is designed to make life easier when loading. A fold-away front ladder also features.

A hydraulic (upper) front gate tilts forward for the initial pass through the field – for ease of loading while, for example, side-filling from a forage harvester.

The Penta ‘Dump Boxes’ sit on identical mounting knuckles – two on each corner on the DB70, DB50 and DB40; one on each corner for the DB30. Pins are inserted in the rear knuckles to keep the box in place during tipping.

By providing eight identical knuckles, the pins can be switched – to reverse the tipping direction. This, says Penta, makes it easier to fill the trailer while travelling directly behind a forage harvester.

The removable extensions come as part of the standard package. Also, says the company, a graphite-coated interior and a hydraulic tail-gate ensure speedy unloading.

What about wheels/tyres? BKT FL630 800/45 R26.5s are fitted as standard. Michelin 800/45 R26.5s are optional.