In this week’s factory quotes, most processors have held steers at €4.70/kg base price, while a few factories in the north and west of the Republic of Ireland are putting forward quotes of €4.65/kg.

The pound sterling has recently fallen in value against the euro, which has been “causing issues” according to a number of procurement staff, as UK buyers get less value for their money in Irish markets.

Factory heifer prices are at €4.75/kg on the grid this week, with a few of the northern-based processors quoting €4.70/kg.

Most, if not all of the major Irish beef processors had a presence at Ploughing 2022 which took place last week and was well attended by beef farmers across the country.

The mood from beef finishers seemed to be fairly positive at the three day event, with one of the main concerns being the cost of feed going into the winter.

Both cows and bulls remain a fairly firm trade, as manufacturing beef continues to be a popular option with customers at the expense of the prime beef cuts.

Prices of €4.70/kg and €4.60/kg are available for U and R-grade cows respectively this week, with €4.40 and €4.30/kg being quoted for the better-type O and P-grade cows.

Looking at U-24 month bulls and some processors are more keen than others this week. A flat price of €4.70/kg and €4.60/kg is available for U and R-grade bulls respectively at the better-end of the scale. However, more money may be available in some cases.

O and P-grade bulls are being quoted a flat price of €4.50/kg and €4.40/kg respectively.

While finally, U-16 month bulls are at €4.70/kg on the grid.