Factory quotes seem to have steadied this week following downward pressure coming on cow price over the past two weeks.

Cow price has come under pressure and this is likely due to the number of cows appearing at factories directly from the parlor or just coming off calves and scoring low in flesh as a result.

Farmers selling cows (albeit, any beef cattle) with substantial feeding in them and good covers of flesh should approach procurement officers with confidence and drive a hard bargain.

Starting with heifers and €4.20/kg on the grid is where quotes are again this week in most processing facilities, with a few buyers offering €4.25/kg base price.

Looking at steers and €4.15-€4.20/kg is where most quotes are coming in this week with very little variation in heifer and steer price across most processors.

Farmers should remember that the above quotes are base prices and all Quality Assured in-spec heifers and steers are eligible for a 20c/kg bonus.

Breed bonuses are still available on in-spec Angus and Hereford steers and heifers also.

Looking at cow price, there seems to be more variation in this category this week between processors than in any other category.

Starting with P-grade cows and quotes are varying from €3.40/kg – €3.55/kg, next up is O-grade cows and €3.50-€3.65/kg is where quotes are at here.

R-grade cows are varying from €3.70 -€3.85/kg depending on the processor and U-grade cows are coming in at between €3.80 and €3.95/kg with an exceptional, well-fleshed U-grade cow managing to cross €4.00/kg – depending on the factory.

The above quotes are for well-fleshed cows with carcass weights of above 280kg and cows killing out lighter or short of flesh will be priced differently.

Looking at under-24 month bulls and quotes are generally coming in at the following prices for this week:

  • P-grading: €3.90/kg;
  • O-grading: €4.00/kg;
  • R-grading: €4.10/kg;
  • U-grading: €4.20/kg.

Some processors are offering more for bulls than others and batches killing out well will likely secure more money/kg.

Finally, under-16 month bulls are being quoted at €4.15/kg on the grid.

Last week’s kill figures will be published by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine tomorrow, Tuesday, November 9, and it will be interesting to see how kill figures have recovered following the bank holiday weekend.

Stay tuned to Agriland for further beef trade updates.