Expanding dairy farmers drive interest in TAMS grants (cubicles, bulk tanks, parlours all popular)

Much of the interest in the new TAMS II farm building grants is coming from expanding dairy farmers, according to well-known Agricultural Consultant Mike Brady.

Both the new Young Farmers Capital Investment Scheme and the Dairy Equipment Scheme, have been launched in recently as part of the new Targeted Modernisation Schemes (TAMS II) to be launched under the new Rural Development Programme 2014-2020, is now open.

The Young Farmers Capital Investment Scheme offers 60% grant aid to eligible farmers and the Dairy Equipment Scheme, open to all farmers, who meet the general eligibility criteria, offers a standard rate of aid of 40%. For more information on TAMS farm building grants click here

Brady says his consultancy business is working on a significant number applications for interested farmers and has seen both young and more established farmers come though its doors

“We are seeing a lot of interest from dairy guys expanding, both young and old.

“The most common investments are bulk tanks, extra cubicles, slurry storage capacity and parlours,” he said.

In terms of the size of investments, Brady said the projects are ranging from a simple bulk tank replacement to full dairy and animal housing units.

“A small job would just be a bulk tank. However, we have projects which include 100 extra cubicles and slurry storage. There has also been a number of just straight parlours.

“The biggest investments so far have been over €300,000,” he said.


Concerns have been raised that often grant schemes such as TAMS and its predecessor the Farm Waste Management Scheme see farmers made pay excessive sums of money for work that in an non grant-aided environment may cost much less.

However, according to Brady, this is inevitable when schemes such as TAMS come along.

“Price inflation around grants is inevitable.

“When farmers first talk to a builder first thing they will be asked is if this for the grant or not?

“The result will be two different quotes, that is just the way it is,” he said.

Many farmers decided to miss the boat

Brady also said that he has dealt with a number of farmers who decided to push ahead with their investment last year.

“We had a lot of guys ready to go last year and everybody was waiting for news on the grant.

“A lot of guys just drove on last year without the grant. Guys were receiving good milk at the time and there was little talk that that would change.

“Quotas were going and some guys were just mad to move ahead with their projects,” he said.