With the Ukraine in increasing turmoil as relations continue to worsen with Russia it is worth noting the importance of the Ukrainian economy to the EU, particularly in terms of agriculture.

In 2013 the EU exported some €2.1bn worth of agricultural goods to Ukraine. In turn the EU imported €3.8bn, representing four per cent of all EU agricultural imports.

Last year of all trade between the Ukraine and the EU agriculture represented nine per cent. The trade of agricultural products between the two regions has increased significantly in recent years up 36 per cent since 2009.

The Ukraine is a key source of cereals for the EU. Last year cereals represented 39 per cent of all the EU agricultural imports from the Ukraine at €1.4bn.

EU exports of meat and dairy produce are key elements of its agricultural trade with the Ukraine. Last year meat and dairy represented 8.1 and 4.4 per cent of all agricultural trade between the countries.

The Ukraine currently ranks 14th in the list of top destinations of EU agricultural products. However the Ukraine is the eighth most important source of agricultural products.