The fourth and final episode of ‘The Calf Show’ series is now live to view on AgriLand’s YouTube channel and across social media platforms.

In this concluding discussion, the panellists will be speaking about preparing calves for weaning off milk replacer and then getting them ready for turnout to grass this spring on calf-to-beef farms.

This evenings panel will include Alan Dillon and Sean Cummins from Teagasc, Dermot Meehan from Drummonds and Pat Collins – a Teagasc Green Acres Calf To Beef participant.

‘The Calf Show Series’ is being run as part of the Green Acres Calf To Beef Programme with Teagasc and AgriLand – and hosts a series of programmes presented by AgriLand beef specialist Michael Carey.

Weaning and getting ready for turnout

Our panel will be focusing on key aspects of the weaning and turnout stages for calves.

Sean Cummins will be speaking about the weighing of calves, while also advising some farmers on the most suitable paddock locations that these young calves should be turned out to this spring.

Dermot Meehan gives his insight into providing the best nutrition for the calf prior to weaning while also promoting a healthy rumen development.

Pat Collins talks about his procedure when it comes to weaning calves and getting them turned out to grass.

Alan Dillion discusses the weight gains farmers should be seeing from their calves once they are out at grass and throughout the grazing season.