Electric Ireland invests in solar energy for farms

Energy provider Electric Ireland has announced the launch of new solar energy technology for the farming sector.

The solar PV technology will help farms to reduce electricity bills, reduce their carbon footprint and increase the energy efficiency of operations on the farm.

It’s part of the company’s Brighter Together Energy Programme launched earlier this year to support homes, businesses and communities to collectively contribute towards Ireland’s transition to a low carbon future.

Solar installations

Electric Ireland says its solar PV installations can help power energy-intensive operations on farms, such as milking parlours, with 100% renewable energy.

Farms can also avail of diverters to heat water on-site using solar energy and install a battery storage system to ensure no renewable energy is wasted.

The solar PV roof-top installations range in size with options from six kilowatts peak (kWp) up to 50kWp. For farmers who opt to include storage, Electric Ireland will install German-made industry-leading Sonnen batteries.

Executive director of Electric Ireland, Marguerite Sayers, said:

“Electric Ireland is delighted to launch this new solar solution for the agricultural sector. This product will deliver energy and cost savings to farms of all sizes, while also helping to reduce their carbon footprint with 100% clean renewable energy.

We know our customers are looking to make sustainable choices and they want their energy provider to help them through innovative solutions.

“We want to help farms realise the value of this technology and to improve their sustainability and energy efficiency. By enabling more of our customers to utilise solar energy as part of our Brighter Together Energy Programme, we continue to support our customers on the journey to a brighter energy future for everyone,” she said.

Pat Maher

Pat Maher from Tullaroan in Kilkenny, one of the first adapters of the Electric Ireland solar PV product for Irish farms, said:

“Having the solar panels installed has helped me manage my energy usage effectively and switch to using green energy.

“The panels which sit above a shed on my farm were installed quickly and easily. I’ve also been able to track energy usage with the energy monitoring app which has been a great asset.”