A woman in her 70s was seriously injured yesterday (November 3) after she was struck by a tractor and trailer.

The accident happened in Abbey Quay, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford around 2pm yesterday.

The woman was then taken to Wexford General Hospital and the Gardai are currently investigating the accident.

Meanwhile the Department of Defence has launched a ‘Be Winter Ready’ booklet which advises to keep the tractor in a shed when they’re not in use.

It also advises to have adequate anti-freeze in the cooling system of the tractor as it can become diluted if being topped up during the year.

Traces of water in fuel lines can freeze and block flow. Have batteries fully charged to cope with the extra demands of starting in freezing conditions.

When it comes to sprayers make sure pumps are fully drained, it advises. Remove pressure gauges from sprayers and store away from frost.

Clean out and drain the sprayer thoroughly including all pipes filters and nozzles.

If the sprayer cannot be stored in a frost-free shed, put about 10L of anti-freeze mixture (33%) into the tank, pump it through all valves and pipe work by opening the appropriate valves. Drain all pipes and hoses.