As part of our #FarmFree competition there is 1,000t of Ecosyl silage additive up for grabs, worth €1,400.

There is just a few weeks left to enter our #FarmFree competition, which we believe is the best farming give away in the country.

For 1,000t placed into a silage pit, that would give you an extra 37t to feed. If silage is worth €38/t, that’s an extra €1.406 return.

That goes a long way to paying for the silage additive for the whole clamp.

Ecosyl Products Ltd is a UK based silage additive market leader with subsidiaries in USA and Canada.

The company, which is owned by Volac, produces a range of silage additives aimed at covering a wide range of crops, silage pit conditions and potential pit making issues.

Volac produces a range of Ecosyl silage additives aimed at covering a wide range of crops, silage pit making conditions and potential silage clamp making issues.

All of its silage additives have been thoroughly researched and tested, and are manufactured by Volac to the highest specification.

Across 15 grass silage trials, dry matter recovery was boosted from 91.8% to 95.5% by using a proven bacterial additive.

The company’s silage additives have been proven to improve animal performance by 33 independent animal trials.

Ecosyl also offers a range of silage additive applicators suitable for all types of forage harvesting systems and application from standard rate to Ultra Low Flow (ULF).


Agriland’s #FarmFree Competition

As well as the Ecosyl silage additive, there is a range of other farming products up for grabs as our #FarmFree competition runs for its second year.

The lucky winner will also win Massey Ferguson disc mower, a Husqvarna chainsaw, an €8,500 Heat Detection and Health Monitoring System and much more!

Click here to the enter the competition .