New sheep fencing scheme now open for online applications

Farmers can now apply for sheep fencing grant aid under the TAMS II scheme through the Department of Agriculture’s website.

The Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Michael Creed has announced the inclusion of Sheep Fencing in the list of eligible investments items in TAMS II.

“I am delighted to announce the introduction of this important investment item which has been recently approved for inclusion in the TAMS II Schemes by the European Commission,” he said.

According to the Department, sheep farmers can now apply online immediately in the current tranche for Sheep Fencing which is included in the Animal Welfare, Safety and Nutrient Storage Scheme, the Young Farmer Capital Investment Scheme and the Organic Scheme.

Applicants are subject to the eligibility criteria of these schemes.

The Department says that the current round or tranche for applications for these scheme closes on June 24, while a new tranche will open for applicants on June 25.

Farmers accepted into the scheme will be eligible for grant aid of €5.34/m for sheep wire with one strand of barbed wire, while the rate increases for those in mountain areas to €8.01/m.

Gateways will also be granted aided and the reference cost is €299.00 per gateway.

Farmers wishing to avail of the grant can see the full list of terms and conditions on the Department’s website, where all applicable costs are available.