Indonesia just 40% self-sufficient in dairy – with demand growing

Reporting from Indonesia

Day two of the Bord Bia trade mission to Indonesia began with a market briefing. Two things that continue to be emphasised are the growing middle-class population in the country and the fact that Indonesia is only 40% self-sufficient in dairy.

CEO of Bord Bia Tara McCarthy stated: “This is a country of 264 million people, with a rapidly growing middle class, and a country that is only 40% self-sufficient in dairy.

“Naturally, and for good reason, it has looked primarily to Oceania in the past to meet those dairy import requirements – but global lines of trade and market opportunities are changing.

Some of the liquid milk in a supermarket in Jakarta

“A growing demand for sustainably-sourced ingredients from Europe presents a key opportunity for Ireland, and progress in the free-trade agreement between the EU and Indonesia will allow that opportunity to develop further in the years ahead.”

Bord Bia’s commitment to the region

In 2016, Bord Bia opened an office in Singapore and invested a huge amount of money into research and insights to help to increase the understanding of consumers in the markets of the region.

McCarthy outlined future plans in the region.

“Next year, for the first time, Food Ingredients Asia will have an Irish pavilion and we look forward to working with you to have the strongest possible message to share under the Origin Green banner.”

Market briefing

A market briefing at the beginning of day two (Tuesday, October 30) allowed Irish representatives to be informed on the regulatory processes involved with food production in the country.

Food safety regulations and requirements for import were described in detail by BADAN POM.

The customs and excise office also detailed what documents and procedures need to be put in place and adhered to when coming into the market.

Halal certification is really essential when importing to Indonesia and, if a product is not Halal certified, it must be displayed on the label.