Date for the diary: CAFRE arable conference to focus on soils

‘Making the most of what you’ve got’ is the title of this year’s agronomy and business management conference for arable growers.

The conference is organised by the College of Agriculture Food and Rural Enterprise (CAFRE), the Ulster Arable Society and the Ulster Farmers’ Union (UFU).

The conference aims to update arable growers on current agronomy and business management issues. The event takes place on January 11 at CAFRE’s Greenmount Campus, Co. Antrim, from 9:30am to 4:30pm.

The morning session of the conference will focus on soils and fertilisers. Dr. Ethel White, head of the Plant Research Station at the Agri-Food and Business Institute (AFBI), Crossnacreevy, will talk about the use of organic manures.

The role of potash in soil and plant health will be discussed by Steve Townsend, a soil tillage specialist with Soil First Farming.

Shay Phelan, Teagasc, will explain the potential for cover crops in Northern Ireland.

The afternoon session will start off with a farmer’s perspective. Rod Smith, from Northumberland, will talk about breaking the world wheat record.

Iain Johnston, a crops advisor with CAFRE, will make a presentation on tyre setup and how this can help to take care of your soil.

Land Mobility Programme manager, John McCallister, will explain the Young Farmer Land Mobility Scheme. The afternoon will finish with a debate and discussion. Click here to book your place