Dairy Ireland has welcomed the recent Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and Rural Development Programme (RDP) announcement, however it notes how it is implemented is key.

Speaking to Agriland, Dairy Ireland president David Murphy said: “Firstly we welcome that the decisions have been made. From a Dairy Ireland point of view the implementation of the scheme is key. It is very important that the measures do not tie down land mobility. It’s vital that land in Ireland starts to move into the hands of younger farmers.

“It is vital that the next generation of farmers with no historic entitlements are taken care off because they are people who will create real wealth in rural Ireland.”

Murphy also welcomed the announcements for young farmers. “You can only welcome all those elements of the draft plan. Anything that encourages the movement of land into the hands of younger farmers is positive.”

On the proposed Green Low-Carbon Agri-Environment Scheme he said: “While we would welcome the scheme it is important that farmers that farm intensively are allowed to take part in the scheme.

“Research has shown that farmers who farm intensively are more efficient in terms of environmental impact than more extensive farmers. It is vital that those farmers who have increased stocking rates and try to get the most out of their land are still able to access the scheme.”

Murphy was also keen to welcome the preservation of the dairy investment scheme. “Expanding dairy farmers will continue to be supported and that is key.”