Farming needs pesticides, says crop protection agency

Pesticides are essential for sustainable productive agriculture, according to the representatives of the crop protection industry.

Representatives of the European crop protection industry, European farmers associations, environmental NGOs and European policymakers are to hold a half-day discussion on the future of agriculture in Europe, ‘Hungry for Change: Pesticides and Sustainable Agriculture’.

The event organisers, the European Crop Protection Association (ECPA), says the world faces a major challenge in the coming decades to feed a rapidly growing population while relying on ever-scarcer natural resources and protecting the environment.

It says Europe has a responsibility to address that challenge by improving food security and ensuring the contribution of sustainable, productive agriculture to the environment and the economy. To do that, Europe must be a world-leader in R&D, innovation, and the sustainable production of high quality and affordable food.

ECPA says we need to take a look at how today’s European agricultural productivity is affected by the current EU regulatory framework, with its emphasis on hazard-based legislation and often-inconsistent application of the precautionary principle, which often denies farmers innovative solutions to fight the pests and diseases that threaten their crops.

According to the representatives of the crop protection industry, pesticides are essential for sustainable productive agriculture.

It says the event which takes place next week will explore the ways Europe can better foster innovation and competitiveness, and look at the ways the crop protection industry is already contributing to a sustainable and globally competitive farming future.