No solution in sight to resolve the ongoing row over Connacht IFA Chairman

Two months on from the deadline for nominations for Connacht IFA Chairman, the region remains in deadlock with no candidate fitting the criteria for the job.

At the most recent IFA Executive Council on March 22, representatives from the region were told to sort out their own house for the regional position.

However, the stalemate continues three weeks on from the Executive Council meeting and it appears that there will be no movement on the issue this week either.

The ongoing problems electing a Connacht representative were discussed at the meeting, however, no solutions were found.

Earlier this year, Sligo IFA submitted a possible solution to the Connacht IFA deadlock to National Council.

In the proposal, Sligo requested a rotating Connacht Chairman every two years in the region as a resolution to the stalemate.

However, a source told Agriland that the IFA was “afraid that adopting the proposal could open a can of worms” – in that if that was the case for Connacht then every county could then nominate a candidate for IFA President.

The current state of play is that no candidate has met the criteria for the top job in Connacht with five candidates nominated, meaning no county could back another – leaving the region in deadlock.

Meanwhile, with a week to go in the IFA elections race, turnout at branches across the country remains ‘good’, several County Chairmen have told Agriland.

On Tuesday, April 19, voting will be completed and the count will take place in the Castleknock Hotel, Dublin, where all 947 branches’ votes will be counted.