Spring is here and even though we’re experiencing a ‘March of many weathers’, it’s great to welcome the longer evenings and milder temperatures.

For many farmers this can be a busy, but special time, with the arrival of new life on farms in the form of lambs and calves.

The sheep trade continues to go from strength to strength and all farmers are welcoming the unprecedented prices. However, the pandemic has brought with it unexpected hazards too, like the increase in people walking country roads and fields with their dogs.

So with that in mind, it may be a good time to think about your insurance needs for the season ahead. Below are some of the covers AXA Farm Insurance has available, whether you are a new or existing customer.

Public Liability Insurance

Farmers are often surprised to learn just how cheap it is to insure for public liability.

This essential cover protects you if a member of the public is injured on the farm or if your animals trespass onto a road and cause an accident. Can you afford to be without it?

Employers Liability Cover

Similarly, it is just as essential to have Employers’ Liability cover.

AXA Farm Insurance allows you to:

  • Cover unpaid employees such as a neighbour or friend who may help you on the farm for a very affordable premium;
  • Provide protection against legal liability for injury or disease caused to employees of the farmer during their farming duties.

Livestock Cover

Sheep prices are buoyant at present so it’s more important than ever to think about insuring your stock.

Are your sheep covered if injured in transit or if stolen? AXA Farm Insurance has these cover options available should you find yourself in this situation.

Sheep Worrying

It has been well documented that there has been a significant increase in the number and levels of severity of dog attacks on sheep. AXA Farm Insurance offers tailored cover options to suit famers’ individual needs.

Other considerations for sheep farmers include:

  • Quads and trailer cover;
  • Equipment cover like scanners, wands, weigh scales, laptops, phones;
  • Theft of vaccines, remedies and dosing supplies.

Springtime on the farm is a busy period for all livestock farmers, so please remember to protect the most important assets of all on any farm – i.e. you and your family – ‘smart farming is safe farming’.

AXA’s team of farm insurance specialists will answer everything you need to know about livestock cover.

For more information call:

  • Tom McCarthy – south west: 087 913 6311;
  • Brian Prout – south east: 087 938 7004;
  • Barry Clarke – north east / west: 087 143 7440.

Alternatively more information on the various farm policies can be found by visiting www.axa.ie/farm or by clicking here