‘Chilly’ variety heats up the spring wheat list

KWS Chilham is a new variety added to the provisionally recommended list of spring wheat varieties this season. It sits alongside Quintus and RGT Doubleshot which are fully recommended.

KWS Chilham has a score of 104 for relative yield. Quintus rates 101, while RGT Doubleshot is at 99 for relative yield.

There was no change to disease resistance scores for Quintus and RGT Doubleshot from last season. Both rated 6 for septoria, while Quintus outperformed on yellow rust resistance, with a score of 8. RGT Doubleshot rated 5 for mildew resistance and 7 for resistance to sprouting.

KWS Chilham had high disease and sprouting resistance scores – mildew (7); septoria (6); yellow rust (8); and sprouting (7).

Grain quality

The provisionally recommended variety falls into the hard category. It has a Hagberg falling number of 264 compared to Quintus’s 213 and RGT Doubleshot’s 284.

Quintus reached the highest thousand grain weight (TGW) of the group at 37g. RGT Doubleshot had the highest KPH at 77.7, unchanged from last year.

The results above are based on trial data from 2016, 2017 and 2018. The Hagberg falling number is based on 2017 only. The relative yield is expressed as a percentage of the mean of Quintus and RGT Doubleshot.

Spring cereal recommended lists

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