MEP Jim Higgins, Ireland’s member of the European Transport Committee, has welcomed a new deal with EU member states on minimum common standards for NCT testing across the EU, which was approved by the European Parliament in Strasbourg yesterday.

According to the MEP, the move will not mean any changes for Irish drivers because we have some of the most robust NCT legislation in the EU. Some countries, where the legislation is lax, will have to change to comply with the new minimum EU standards.

Higgins expressed relief that “a ridiculous proposal” to NCT trailers and caravans was scuttled by his amendments in the Transport Committee.

“It would have been ridiculous and costly to have to register trailers and caravans with an individual number plate. In fairness, Parliament heard my concerns, and agreed. It was a ridiculous proposal to think about bringing in an NCT for all trailers and caravans.”

Another element removed by the Parliament was the requirement to test tractors.  

“Farmers would have been required to have their tractors, which cannot do more than 50km /h, tested under what the Commission was proposing. I’m delighted the Parliament voted to remove this,” he added.