Aldi, one of two supermarkets at the centre of a five-day protest in Co. Cavan over egg prices, has said it has agreed a “price increase” with egg suppliers.

Aldi said the price increase “substantially exceeds what protesting farmers are seeking”.

Pig, poultry and egg farmers have been protesting outside the Cavan-town branch of the supermarket since Thursday (September 29) insisting that they need 2c/egg, 15c/chicken and 10c/kilo of pork supplied to be passed back to them.

“It is up to our egg suppliers, and those farmers with whom they have a commercial arrangement, to engage as to how this outcome is apportioned,” Aldi said.

Agriland has asked the supermarket to provide detail on what price has been agreed, however it has refused to confirm an exact figure.

In a statement today (Monday, October 3), Aldi said that it has “been in active discussions with its egg suppliers for a period of weeks now, with a view to agreeing what would be a fourth price increase this year”.

It described these talks as “productive” and said they were driven by its “ambition to support our long-term supply partners”, an ambition which it said is more important than ever given the ongoing cost-of-living crisis.

Regarding the continued demonstrations by farmers and members of the Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA), the supermarket stated:

“Given this progress, the continued disruption of our Cavan store by a small number of farmers is reckless.

“The blockade, which has prevented store deliveries, has caused real frustration among our customers. Frustrations we share. Stock is not the problem, access is. 

“Our supply trucks are loaded with Irish produce from our Irish suppliers ready to stock the shelves of our Cavan store. Unfortunately, the blockades are preventing this.”

The protesters remain at both Aldi and Lidl in Cavan town this afternoon. Agriland contacted Lidl for comment on the demonstration. The supermarket said it “won’t be making any statement on the issue”.

The protesters have not allowed any deliveries to enter the Cavan-town branch of Lidl resulting in many shelves being empty, leaving the store running low on a large number of fresh products.

Despite this, Lidl said that the store remains open for business as usual and no employees have been sent home.