Cattle marts around the country have reported a notable increase in the price paid for cattle, lots in some venues have increased in value in the region of €50-60/head.

The €20-30/head which was previously wiped off store cattle price in early August now seems to have been regained as farmer confidence grows as a result of improved weather conditions during the week.

There were over 200 cattle on offer in Tullamore on Thursday last and prices have improved dramatically. Mart Manager Antoinette Daly reported that cattle were up by approximately €50-60/head on previous weeks.

“There was a much better trade and prices have improved strongly, some lots are up by as much as €100/head on previous weeks,” she said.

According to Daly the improved trade may have been as a result of the better weather conditions and the reduced number of lots on offer.

Forward and beef type animals made €2.18-2.41/kg and €2.21-2.37/kg for steers and heifers respectively, she said.

The weaning and lighter store trade also remained strong, she reported. Weaning bulls sold for €2.52-2.88/kg while the hammer fell for their comrade heifers at €2.51-2.64/kg.

Cull cows sold for €1.78-2.34/kg, while the small number of cows with calves at foot sold from €1,080-2,010/unit.

Castlerea mart had 600 cattle on offer on Thursday and the Mart Manager reported a good trade as a result of better weather conditions.

Both bullocks and heifers were an improved trade with strong demand on offer and prices improved considerably.

Forwards steers and heifers made €2.33-2.83/kg and €2.30-2.72/kg respectively, he said.

He added that the demand for dry cows and breeding stock also remained firm, weaning numbers are also up on previous weeks.

Cull cows in the Roscommon venue made €2.04-2.22/kg, while the small number of cows with calves at foot sold from €1,200-1,800/unit. Springers sold from €1,130-1,440/head, said Egan.

“The weanling numbers are increasing with good demand especially for the lighter lots,” he said.

Despite the increased number of weanlings on offer good prices were achieved with the hammer falling at €2.70-3.80/kg for the top quality weaning bulls while their counterpart heifers sold from €2.50-3.36/kg.

Carnew mart had 500 cattle on offer on Saturday and the Mart Manager David Quinn reported a strong trade for all classes.

According to Quinn, there was strong farmer demand for store cattle and this was reflected in the price. Store steers made €550-880 over while the dairy type Friesian steers made €250-750 over.

Beef and forward stores made €750-1,150 while their counterpart heifers made €600-950 over.

There was also strong demand for weanling bulls and heifers and these lots made €450-950 over and €450-850 over respectively.

There was also a selection of cows and calves on offer and the hammer fell on these lots from €1,200-1,600, he said.

There were 100 lots of cattle on offer in Mohill Mart on Saturday and the trade was holding strong reported Mart Manager Steven Hannon.

“The trade is holding well at the minute, we had a very strong trade on Saturday,” he said.

Top quality forward continental heifers made €2.60-2.66/kg while their lighter comrades sold for €2.46-2.82/kg.

There was also a selection of continental store steers on offer and the hammer fell on these lots from €2.42-2.52/kg for the lesser quality continentals, while the top quality lots made €2.95-3.14/kg, he said.

He added that cows with calves at foot sold for €1,600-2,000/unit.

Templemore also reported a good trade, however, it was reported that it is becoming increasingly difficult to sell Friesian steers under the 450kg mark.

Mart Manager John O’Sullivan added that anything above the 450kg mark is going well, but it they are black and white and under 450kg they have become more difficult to sell in recent weeks.

Friesian steers sold from €1.93-2.01/kg at the Tipperary venue, while a good pen of Herefords sold for €2.42/kg. The top continental stores made €2.86/kg, he said.

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