Do you ever sit down after a hard day’s work, open a bottle of beer and just relax? Everyone does.

“Ahh…that’s a nice bottle of beer” goes through your head. But do you ever wonder how your favourite drinks are produced? What work goes into them? How many ingredients are in it?

Unsung heroes

Carry Out Off Licence wants to celebrate the farmers who produce the raw materials for your favourite drinks.

Irish farmers play a huge role in producing beers, whiskies, ciders and other alcoholic beverages. Without their hard work we wouldn’t have some of the most popular drinks on the market. They truly are the unsung heroes and their hard work needs to be recognised.

With the traditional ‘farmers day’ approaching on December 8, Carry Out Off Licence wanted to celebrate the backbone of the alcohol industry; after all, without them, we wouldn’t have apples for our cider, cream for our Baileys, grain for our whiskey and barley for our beer.

Check out the video above. Farmers play a crucial role in the production of our favourite alcoholic beverages.

Carry Out Off Licence believes it’s about time that our farmers were acknowledged for their dedication and hard work. As Carry Out is celebrating the Irish farmer, it thought it was fitting to put on some great offers between December 5 and 8, highlighted below.

  • Bulmers 500ml original/light 8 pack: €10 each – save €3;
  • Guinness 500ml 8 pack: Only €10.99 – save €3;
  • Hop House 13 330ml 12 pack: Only €11.99 – save €2;
  • Paddy Irish Whiskey 700ml: €19.99 – save €8;
  • Writers Tears Irish Whiskey 700ml: €29.99 – save €15;
  • Cork Dry Gin 700ml: €17.99 – save €7;
  • Baileys Strawberries & Cream 700ml: €14.99 – save €7.

A special thank you to the Irish farmers, for all the hard work that you do. Carry Out Off Licence hopes you have a fantastic Christmas and wishes you all the best in the new year.

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